Monday, May 26, 2014

Victoria Has Returned!

Hi kittens!  I must apologize for my lack of posts during the last three months.  School took a turn for the challenging, and I needed all of my energy to be put into that.  But now, thank goodness, it's summer and I'm in one piece and have time to post.

Some new obsessions: the Myers Briggs Personality Test: I'll be doing a post on this beautiful thing ASAP.  It's so interesting and I love it.
The Fault in Our Stars: the movie is coming out and I have a few things to say before it hits the screen, inevitably disappointing the book fans.
All things Disney: this isn't a new one, but I have some new stuff to say.
Rock climbing: by this I mean climbing the rock walls and nets and wires at my local Y's ropes course.  It's the only time the "how's the weather up there?" joke ever has been or ever will be funny to me.
How I Met Your Mother: also not a new one, but I haven't ranted about it on here yet.

Disenchantments: my home town: since coming home from college, my town is boring as ever.  I love being surrounded by family and high school friends, but there are some major drawbacks to it.
Comedy and basically every movie I've seen lately: Victoria is not impressed.  That is all.

Miscellaneous: I may have some stuff to say on religion, relationships, society, and just life in general.  Buckle your seatbelts, kitties!

Anyway, to anyone still reading this, thanks.  Hopefully there are some of you out there still.

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