Saturday, November 2, 2013

Some Album Reviews and an Apology

So, um, it's been awhile.  Like a little over a month.  Oops.  With midterms and whatnot it's been hard to find time to write.  But anyway, I'm sorry.  Forgive me?
Today I'm just posting a couple quick album reviews, but I'll be posting a longer, pithier article ASAP, hopefully in the next few days.  Anyway, don't forget me yet.

Album 1: "Monsters in the Closet" by Mayday Parade
(not mine, obviously)
Mayday Parade is one of my favorite bands and I wasn't disappointed with this album.  Sure, there are a couple lackluster songs with simplistic lyrics and excessively poppy elements (I'm looking at you, "Ghosts"), but the overall awesomeness of the other songs more than compensate.  My favorite is "Angels" with its amazingly lovely story.  I'm not too sappy, but this song speaks to my soft side.  Some other favorites are "Sorry Not Sorry" and "Even Robots Need Blankets".  Mayday Parade is pop punk to the core and I greatly enjoy it.
Bottom Line: 4/5 stars.
Album 2: "Don't Panic: It's Longer Now!" by All Time Low
(also not mine)
All Time Low is another favorite of mine, and I have always adored "Don't Panic".  The bonus tracks on this version are pretty good, although I'm not left speechless by any of them.  If you're interested, check out "Me Without You (All I Ever Wanted)".  In actuality, my favorite parts of this album are the acoustic versions of previously existing songs.  "Backseat Serenade" and "Somewhere in Neverland" have always been among my favorites, and the acoustic versions are superb.
Bottom Line: 4/5 stars (if you're into bonus albums).
Album 3: "Ocean Avenue (Acoustic)" by Yellowcard
(not mine)
So, this album is just an acoustic remake of their album, "Ocean Avenue".  However, if you're a fan of acoustic albums, as I am, I highly recommend this one.  The violin plays a large role, and it's great.  "Back Home", "Twenty Three" and "One Year Six Months" are my favorite. Check them out!
Bottom Line: 4.2/5 stars (if you like that sort of thing).

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