Friday, August 23, 2013

Some Unsolicited Advice for the School Year

So. It's back to school for just about everyone and here are some thoughts regarding each stage:

Middle School
Ugh. Words can't express how glad I am that this stage of my life is over. Some advice for the road?
  1. It's an awkward time for EVERYONE. It's not just you.
  2. People are mean.  It's because they're uncomfortable.  Try not to get too upset because of the things they say.
  3. Figure out who you can count on and hold them close.
  4. Figure out who the mean ones are and avoid them.
  5. Be you and try to stay true. (cliché, I know. :p)
High School
I had a decent time in high school, but I had to make an effort to do so.  Here's how:
  1. Don't freak out. This isn't real life.  High school is just a stepping stone.
  2. Get involved.  It looks good on college apps, but it also helps you make friends and stay busy.
  3. Get good grades.  Yeah, that's obvious, but a lot of underclassmen tend to forget this one.
  4. Friends. Always friends.  Keep the old ones, but make new ones too.
  5. Let things go.  Mean people/drama queens/etc. aren't worth your time.
  6. If you aren't dating someone, it's okay.
  7. Yes, you can go to prom without a date.  Go with friends.
  8. And yes, you should go to prom and homecoming at least once each.  If you hate it, never go again.
  9. Prom>homecoming
  10. The "nerds", "drama geeks" and "band geeks" are some of the most genuine people on campus.
And finally, I've only been in college for about a week now, but here's some thoughts:
  1. Try not to eat alone.  Introduce yourself to someone else who looks lonely.  Or drag your suite mate along.
  2. Go to class.
  3. Know where your classes are in advance.
  4. Most professors are actually pretty cool.
  5. Sorority rush is scary, but overall, worth it.  You'll meet lots of new people, even if you don't decide to go Greek.
  6. Eat at some funky restaurant just off campus that you've never heard of.
  7. The chocolate milk in the cafeteria is delicious and addictive.
  8. Having a roommate can be pretty cool.
  9. ALWAYS bring an umbrella.
  10. Don't give up.  Classes are harder than high school, but so what? You can do this.
  11. Have fun. Just do it.
  12. That being said, don't do anything stupid.
  13. If you are in an upper level Chemistry class, you really should know that if your answer differentiates from the professor's by .001, it is NOT a big deal.  Do NOT raise your hand and fret about it in front of 296 other people.  You'll look dumb.
  14. TAs are usually stuck up. Let it go.
  15. Tech support for online classes sucks.
Happy back to school, everyone!

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