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A Realistic Love Story: "Lisey's Story"

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Lisey's Story is, without a doubt, my favorite of Stephen King's books, as well as one of my all time favorites.  When I read it for the first time in 8th grade, I missed the deeper meanings, but I still liked it.  When I read it again fairly recently, I understood it on a deeper level and fell in love.  It is an amazing example of Stephen King at his best.  Instead of terrifying me, he broke my heart with this novel.
Lisey's Story is a beautiful, imperfect, honest, real love story, and that is why I love it so much.  It centers around Lisey, the wife of famous horror writer Scott Landon.  Told in flashbacks after Scott's death, the novel tells the story of a wonderfully flawed couple.  Together since their early twenties, Lisey and Scott have grown together, becoming closer with each year of marraige, becoming so close that they have their own language.  After Scott's death, Lisey discovers the secret world of monsters and demons which haunted Scott and inspired his stories.

Sigh.  Lisey's Story appeals to my romantic side (as small and underdeveloped as it may be...) because it is not the traditional romance.  It is, in no way, lovey-dovey.  It does not try to pretend to be perfect and happy and wonderful all the time.  Lisey's Story offers a realistic view of marriage and the work it requires to have a good one.  In addition, I fell in love with the closeness Scott and Lisey have.  Their love for one another, flawed though it may be, clearly runs very deep, permeating the layers of pain and baggage both carry.  Lisey and Scott are a very real couple, and that is why I love them so much.  I could easily believe in them, and dream of one day having a marriage like theirs.

Anyway, overall, 5/5 stars.  Read it.  It's amazing.  King's writing is flawless, as is the story.

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